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Your Roster at your Fingertips

Roster Planet is built for use on all devices. Whether you use a PC, tablet or a smartphone – you’ll be able to manage your business’ rosters easily.

Roster Planet Dashboard



One-Click Shift Assignments

Once the shifts for your Roster are setup, assigning staff to them is just two mouse clicks away. The steps are easy:

  1. Click on the staff member’s name
  2. Then click on the Shift

Or, if you’re using a PC you can drag and drop the staff member onto the shift.

As easy as that! Roster Planet will warn you if that employee is not available on that day. Removing employees from a shift is simple too, just click their name and confirm and your job is done!

One Click Shift Assignment

Easy Registration and Setup

Roster Planet makes it easy to get started. Sign up to your free account today and you can have your first roster created in 15 minutes. Simply add in your Staff and your standard shifts, then create your roster and drag your employees onto the relevant shifts.

Setup a standard roster for each location in your business and save time by creating the same roster each week.

Easy Sign-up process

Manage your availability

Easily manage staff availability within Roster Planet. Staff (or manager on the staff member’s behalf) can setup:

  • Standard weekly availability
  • One-off availability changes (ie holidays or a day off)

You can tailor Roster Planet to ensure that staff availability changes are approved by any manager before being ratified. Our messaging service allows Managers to see what availability change approvals are required, and once an approval is given, the Staff member receives notification on whether their request is approved or not. All within Roster Planet!

Easy Availability Settings


Swap Shifts

Swap shifts with another staff member by putting through the request online.

The staff member can either accept or decline the offer and once the manager confirm the roster is updated immediately. 2015-03-20 14-03-06

Add New Staff Members

Staff members can be added in a matter of minutes. All staff members will be automatically be given staff-level access to Roster Planet as soon as they are created, allowing them to:

  • View Rosters (current, future and historical)
  • Change Availability
  • Change their Details

All new members will receive an email automatically advising them how to login to Roster Planet.

Staff Management

Setup Default Rosters

If your business is like most small businesses, the hours of operation rarely change and your busy times are usually the same most weeks. Because of this, Roster Planet has made your life easy by allowing Managers to setup Default Rosters – default shifts that are added to each roster as soon as it is created.

This means, if you need 5 people every monday between 11am and 6pm – then when you create a roster, this has already been setup for you! No need to choose shifts for each day.

Creating a default roster is a simple two click process – select the standard shift (entered previously), select the day and your job is done!  Or, if you’re using a PC – simply drag and drop the shift onto the relevant day.

Standard Shifts and Default Rosters

Xero Integration

(currently Australia only)

Turn your Roster Planet rosters into Xero time sheets in only a few clicks.

Roster Planet now integrates seamlessly with Xero.


Send Completed Timesheets to Xero

Roster Planet will convert rosters with any Xero payrun configuration.

You have full control.

Simply turn your rosters into timesheets and send to Xero. Easy! 2015-07-28 08-22-53

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